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Positive Patient ID

Positive Patient ID

Eliminate Errors, Reduce Costs & Improve Patient Safety

For healthcare providers, positive patient identification is of vital importance to secure patient information and satisfy federal regulations. Identification Systems Group (ISG) dealers are experts at implementing the right patient ID solutions for your organization’s specific needs. We can work with most hospital information systems to provide fast, on-site installation and training.

Browse our various solutions to find exactly what you need to improve your positive patient ID process, reduce costs, eliminate medical errors, increase safety and security, and enhance your patient experience.

Positive Patient ID Solutions for Any Healthcare Facility

We offer complete positive patient ID solutions, including both employee and patient ID card issuance systems, biometric patient ID systems, patient wristband IDs, colored patient condition bands, adhesive labels, thermal printers, and more. From software to hardware, from training to support, our healthcare identification experts can provide you with premium solutions and local service.

The ISG is here to help your hospital system or healthcare facility be its best. Talk with us via chat or click on Get a Price above to find your local ISG expert.