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Patient IDs, Employee Badging, Registration & Tracking

The Identification Systems Group (ISG) offers an impressive array of identification and security solutions for the healthcare market that can help you identify, secure, and serve your patients, employees, and visitors. We understand the challenges posed by government requirements and the need to set your organization apart from service competitors, and we offer integrated health care facility ID card solutions that can assist with your growth and expansion.

Positive Patient Identification

The ISG offers cost-effective positive patient identification programs, designed to identify patients while building your healthcare organization’s image and brand. With compliance to today’s healthcare industry standards for a safer, more efficient registration process, you can improve patient loyalty and retention by capturing patients’ biometrics and creating ID cards to reduce duplicate medical records, increase patient satisfaction, drive marketing power, and reduce potential losses associated with fraud or medical errors.

From hospital employee identification and patient identification systems to visitor management systems for hospitals and health care facilities, the ISG has versatile and robust solutions for your unique needs.

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