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Biometric Identification

Biometric Identification

An Array of Biometric Identification Applications

From door access control to computer logons, there has been a steady growth in new biometric applications in our personal lives as well as business solutions. As there has so far been no single, comprehensive federal law created to regulate the collection and use of personal data, or related biometric data, the creation of new technologies and applications is wide open to developers. Though this is good for inventors, the current patchwork system of regulations and technologies sometimes overlap or contradict each other.

Some examples of biometric identification applications include:

  • Cafeteria Food Services – uses biometrics to track food purchases and meal plans
  • Door Access Control – uses two-factor authentication for access control
  • Logical Access Control – uses two-factor authentication for computer logins
  • Membership Check-In – uses biometrics to check-in to the gym, pool, spa, etc.
  • Patient Identification – uses biometrics to register, track and identify patients, manage records, etc.
  • Time & Attendance – uses biometrics to clock in/out, track attendance to class, etc.
  • Visitor Management – uses biometrics to register and track visitors, vendors and volunteers

Solutions for Education, Healthcare, Law Enforcement & More

In an expanding world of mobile applications mingled with public demands for both convenience and security, biometric solutions are rapidly increasing in use across different markets to provide better identification, to offer more accurate tracking, to reduce duplicate record keeping, and to verify permissions.

Biometric identification technology has quickly become an accepted, and sometimes preferred, method of identification. Almost everyone has a unique biometric pattern that identifies them, and it cannot be lost or forged like an ID card or smart phone. From standard fingerprint biometrics to more improved technologies like iris, face, vein, voice and hand geometry biometrics, the ISG offers proven solutions from partner M2SYS for a variety of applications.

The ISG offers M2SYS biometric management solutions for K-12 schools, colleges, universities, healthcare systems, law enforcement agencies, government agencies, corporations and more, some of which can be used within the same organization for different needs. With M2SYS biometric solutions from the ISG, you get consistent, proven technologies for the capture, storage and use of biometric data, used by more than 120 countries around the globe and for dozens of applications, many of which can be integrated.

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