Biometric Law Enforcement

Biometric Law Enforcement

Biometric Systems for Law Enforcement Agencies

The Identification Systems Group (ISG) offers M2SYS biometric solutions for the management of law enforcement agencies, county jails, and state and federal prisons. Using their unique biometric systems, agencies can capture, verify, track and manage inmates, vendors, visitors and officials easily and effectively. From investigative and booking services, to continued case management, incarceration and probation, our ISG M2SYS biometric solutions can track individuals through the entire legal process.

The unfortunate rise in crime rates around the globe has placed additional pressure on law enforcement agencies to securely manage urban violence, fight organized crimes and prevent threats to national security.

We understand that law enforcement agencies across the US and Canada may operate very differently based on their own rules and regulations. To meet these varying needs, the ISG offers customizable, field-proven, and highly scalable M2SYS solutions for all kinds of law enforcement operational units.

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