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College & University

College & University

Integrated Campus Card Solutions

ISG dealers serve thousands of colleges and universities across North America, with local support and affordable, high quality photo ID solutions that integrate with other campus systems. This allows for students, faculty and staff to access everything then need on campus with just one card they can use daily for identification, access control, library services, bookstore purchases, vending machines, laundry machines, parking garages, cafeteria purchases, athletic facilities, and other school functions.

The college and university campus card market is constantly expanding in the number of services offered and types of needs required, and a multi-function approach for card systems is needed to keep costs down and mobility up. The ISG follows new trends and provides advanced technologies that improve student and staff safety, lower overall expenses, generate more revenue, and increase campus efficiency.

The ISG offers a wide selection of independent applications that can be integrated with each other through our TotalCard™ solution. From student attendance, employee time and attendance, badge or asset tracking and more, we offer a variety of answers to many college and university needs.

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