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Identity Management, Access Control, Tracking & More

Identification and security is critical for most government agencies today as municipal, state and federal departments coordinate to share information and assets. ISG dealers have vast experience in providing government ID and security solutions to local, state, and federal agencies.

Some of the government organizations that we have served include: State Police, County Sheriffs, City Police, Correctional Facilities, City Halls, Courts Systems, Corrections, Fleet Fueling, Mass Transit, Emergency Management Agencies, Emergency Medical Services, and Health Departments.

We also provide various systems for the production of concealed weapon permits, welfare EBT cards, hunting and fishing ID cards, medical marijuana ID cards, and more.

In today’s world, security of the government employee ID card is crucial to trust verification, avoiding any chance for it to be fraudulently duplicated. Many government agencies rely on the ISG to provide card security options, such as holographic lamination, UV ink, smart chip encoding, and many other covert or overt card security features.

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