Modern School Safety

The Importance of Implementing Modern Technology into School Safety

Re-posted with permission from Higgins Corporation

Visitor Management, Student Tracking, Access Control & Photo ID’s

School Safety is continuously a growing concern. Too many frightening headlines of shootings bring to mind the importance of access control, visitor management and photo identification. Screening people before they enter a building is imperative for many different reasons. Knowing who is sharing the school building with students and staff is important to protect physical well-being. This is also essential for matters of unwanted visitants, such as sex offenders posing as a parent or relative. Custody disputes and parental kidnapping are other causes for worry. Ensuring someone is legally in their rights or is a safe individual to pick up a child from school, is something that should be confirmed.

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BadgePass Door Access Control

Does My Business Need Door Access Control

Re-posted with permission from BadgePass

Businesses of all sizes have concern over security. Even though technology has improved significantly over the years, implementing new security measures can seem overwhelming. This is often why many businesses continue to hope for the best rather than taking the necessary steps to improve safety and security.

If your company has considered an access control system, we encourage you to explore the benefits that this technology has to offer. You can take charge of your security and give yourself greater peace of mind. Let’s learn more about how adding this to your facility can benefit you.

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Simplified Smartcard Credentialing

Using Simplified Smart Card Credentialing for Scalable Solutions

Re-posted with permission from Security Sales & Integration.

Here’s how the adoption of the open supervised device protocol has helped spur the deployment of high security encryption solutions.

Simplified smart card credentialing and encrypted reader communications are now becoming a reality and a more scalable solution. While a reasonably secure method of providing security badges has existed for years, it was usually too cumbersome to deploy in large enterprise environments.

Today, a handful of manufacturers are offering high security encryption (OSDP, or open supervised device protocol, Secure Channel) solutions that are logistically feasible in configuration and maintenance.

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Identiv uTrust TS Cards

Identiv’s Access Control Cards Provide Physical Security & Protect Data

Re-posted with permission from Identiv

The December 2017 issue of the Identification Systems Group (ISG) IDWire newsletter will feature an Identiv new product showcase, “Identiv’s Latest Generation of Access Control Cards Provide Physical Security and Protect Data”. Read on for the full article:

MIFARE Mini Cards

High-Security, Low-Cost, Highly Compatible Access Cards

Identiv’s high-security, low-cost MIFARE Mini Cards (part number 3510) are based on technology partner NXP® Semiconductors’ MIFARE Classic Card Integrated Circuit (IC). Identiv’s MIFARE Mini Cards are ideal for access card users that require the technology of MIFARE Classic Cards yet can fit their applications into 320 bytes and do not rely on a four-byte Unique Identifiers (UIDs).

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RightPatient Data Personalization

Data Personalization in Healthcare

Re-posted with permission from RightPatient

Personalization in Healthcare

Everyone talks about personalized medicine, how about data personalization?

One size does not fit all. Thus, medicine is seeing a shift from a standard model of care to a personalized model of care. The emergence of cloud computing, wearables, machine learning, and continuous progress in data management has made the delivery of personalized medicine more possible. Personalized data along with predictive analytics would change the way medicine is practiced today. It has the power to create a proactive health system that can help to address diseases at their earliest phase. Personalized data will help to craft medical solutions “especially for you,” rather than a single solution for all. It would also help consultants to free up time so that they can concentrate on developing a lasting and trusting relationship with patients.

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