ways to improve stadium security

7 Steps to Improving Stadium & Large Event Security

Re-posted with permission from Campus Safety Magazine and edited.

Here are some lessons learned from previous incidents that can help increase the safety and security of school and university athletic events, concerts and other large gatherings.

Concerts, speeches and athletic events have been and remain a target of violent extremists and terrorists around the globe. Fortunately, there exists a wealth of information to assist event planners and campus security personnel with preparing for large events and securing stadiums and arenas. In addition, there are some key lessons that have been learned from actual incidents that should be considered by those responsible for the safety and security of these venues.
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on-demand card issuance solutions

On-Demand Card Issuance for Your Customers

Re-posted with permission from CPI Card Group and edited.

Today’s consumers have a growing appetite for instant gratification. The on-demand economy provides immediate accessibility like never before, changing how consumers see convenience with everything from shopping and dining to entertainment and transportation. To complement the growing popularity of immediate servicing, financial institutions are turning to instant card issuance. Through technology, the physical branch experience can become a more welcome part of customers’ lifestyle.
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keep banned visitors out of your facility

Visitor Management: Keeping Unwanted Visitors Away

Re-posted with permission from BadgePass and edited

Recently, one of our ISG members was visiting a company to discuss their ID and door access system and noticed a collection of photos on the wall alongside the receptionist’s desk. When asked what those photos were for, the receptionist said they were photos of the people that she wasn’t supposed to let enter the facility. In other words, these were the “banned” visitors at that time. The photos were provided by the security staff and printed with the name of the person underneath.
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5 things you need to get your SVPP application approved

5 Things That Should Be In Your School Violence Prevention Program Grant Application

Re-posted with permission from Campus Safety Magazine and edited

Here’s what the Department of Justice is looking for and how to make your SVPP grant application stand out from the crowd.

Assessing the Need to Stop School Violence

Last year, Congress and President Donald Trump signed into law the Students, Teachers, and Officers Preventing (STOP) School Violence Act of 2018, which included several provisions to improve school safety on K-12 campuses, including grants. Districts can use these funds to acquire the tools they need to recognize mental health crises, respond to violent attacks, mitigate risk exposure and prevent future acts of violence.
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CMS refuses payments to over 800 hospitals

CMS Cuts Payments to 800 Hospitals – Is Yours Next?

Re-posted with permission from RightPatient and edited

Patient safety incidents should be taken seriously by all hospitals. Unfortunately, CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) is penalizing 800 of them for having the highest rates of patient injuries and infections. The agency will trim these hospitals’ Medicare payments in the fiscal year 2019.
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