Durable, customizable access control wristbands

The ID Card Gets an On-Campus Companion

Re-posted with permission from Capture Technologies and edited

As college and high school campuses continue to evolve and expand, smart ID card systems are changing alongside, including the emerging technology of wearable ID cards.

On any given day, an average college student might use their smart ID card over a dozen times in a number of different settings. From building access as the young student starts their day at the dormitory through a series of classes, buildings, cafes, and meeting rooms, the ubiquitous student ID card might be pulled out of a wallet or purse innumerable times.
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3 year spike in hate crimes

FBI Reports U.S. Hate Crime is on the Rise

Re-posted with permission from Campus Safety Magazine and edited

A 3-Year Spike in Hate Crimes

The FBI released a report in November 2018 that showed that hate crimes in the U.S. rose about 17 percent in 2017 when compared to 2016.

There were 7,175 hate crimes in 2017 compared to the 6,121 incidents the previous year. The FBI pointed out that the number of law enforcement agencies reporting the crimes also increased by about 1,000.
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Single database, multiple locations

One Database, but Multiple ID Badging Locations?

Re-posted with permission from BadgePass and edited

One of our ISG members recently had the opportunity to work with a large healthcare organization on their ID badging software upgrade. The previous software they used for badge creation was a completely stand-alone system. Each of their 11 locations across the state had their own instance of the software and none of the systems communicated with one another. This made it difficult to standardize on badge designs and for employees who worked in one location to produce IDs for employees in another facility.
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Save healthcare costs with standardized consumables

How Standardizing Consumables Offers Hospitals Quick Wins for Cost Savings

Re-posted with permission from PDC Healthcare and edited

Healthcare Industry Positions for Uncertain Future

The US Healthcare Market is in a struggle for its own future, which has yet to be defined. Will healthcare become more socialized or stay privatized? Will the Affordable Healthcare Act survive or be replaced? Either way, healthcare institutions are scrambling to position themselves for the future. Hospital systems are consolidating. GPOs are consolidating. Suppliers are consolidating. Everything is getting bigger. What this means is that while the many institutions are becoming fewer, they are being plagued with fragmented practices, processes, and products. As organizations rush to integrate and realize the upsides of consolidation, efficiencies suffer, patient benefits are delayed and savings opportunities are missed.
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Safety and security concerns for assisted living centers

Top 4 Safety & Security Concerns of Assisted Care Facilities

Re-posted with permission from Campus Safety Magazine

The IAHSS issued new guidance for handling violence in assisted care facilities after surveying security directors about their top safety concerns.

The International Association for Healthcare Security and Safety (IAHSS) has issued new guidance to help employees in assisted care facilities respond to violence and security issues.
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