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5 Signs Your Patient ID Wristband System Is Outdated Missing or illegible wristbands, barcodes that won't scan and other issues pose serious implications to patient safety. It's time to talk to your local ISG expert about updating your system. Read more:
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Why Do I Need Multi-Factor Authentication? The ISG offers multi-factor authentication solutions from Identiv, OD Sphinx and Entrust Datacard for any organization of any size and with any budget. Talk with an ISG expert today or read more about it here:
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COVID-19 Could Hurt Some Biometric Technology Use & Increase Others The coronavirus pandemic has altered the biometric technology market away from contact biometrics toward contactless solutions like facial and iris recognition. The ISG can help. More:
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4 Benefits to Switching to a Thermal Patient ID Solution Talk to your local ISG expert today about all of the benefits of switching over to thermally printed patient ID wristband and label solutions for your healthcare organization. Read More:
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