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Electronic Visitor Management

Visitor management is now a necessity. Taking these factors into consideration will help you select the right visitor management solution for your organization.

Automated Enrollment

The use of government-issued IDs and driver licenses can save time and money when capturing visitor or employee data.

Barcoded Patient Identification

The ISG recommends using barcoded patient identification solutions to reduce medical errors and improve patient safety.

Integrated Identity Management

The ISG offers practical recommendations to meet the need for increased security and integrated identity management.

Financial Card Instant Issuance

Here are considerations for implementing a system to provide for the instant issuance of personalized credit or debit cards.

Safety & Security in Schools

Here are important steps you should take to improve your school's security and safety measures for students and staff.

Patient Registration & Identification

Ideas to help you reduce patient ID errors that can cost your healthcare organization in time, money and even patient safety.

Photo Identification Considerations

The ultimate guide to help you select the right photo identification system and secure peripherals for your organization.