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Solutions for Managing Employees & Visitors

In today’s security conscious world, corporate employers need to perform a variety of essential daily tasks to:

  • Protect people, property and profits
  • Manage access through visual, physical, and logical identification
  • Track and manage visitors
  • Maintain emergency response plans

Effective Corporate ID Solutions

The ISG provides a full line of employee ID and access solutions for corporate clients, including:

  • Campus One Card: Everything your organization needs to create multi-functional employee ID card solutions that work everywhere on your corporate campus, from physical and logical access, to parking, cafeteria, records, copy control, and more.
  • ID Card Systems: Compete standalone or integrated ID badging solutions for the production of secure employee ID credentials, as well as visitor passes, vendor cards, and more.
  • Contactless Smart Cards: Our contactless smart cards are less expensive than most traditional proximity card options, and offer greater security and flexibility.
  • Accountability Manager Solutions: A complete solution that quickly and securely provides positive ID onsite and tracks daily activity of documented personnel and visitors. Identify, authenticate, track, and report on all personnel and/or visitors with a system that meets the requirements of tracking documented workers.
  • Emergency Management: No one knows exactly when an emergency will occur, whether it is a natural disaster, such as a tornado, flood, or earthquake, or a man-made incident such as a fire, chemical spill, or workplace violence. ISG offers complete emergency management, crisis communication, and asset tracking solutions for organizations of any size.
  • Metal Plate Embossing: Corporations of any type and size, not only those involved in manufacturing or industrial services, have the need to tag and track equipment, pipes, power lines, vehicles, and more. ISG provides metal tag and plate embossing solutions for everything from dog tags to warning plates to asset labels.

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