Visitor Management

Visitor Management

Visitor Registration, Check-in, Tracking & Management

Effective security means that everyone entering your facility must be identified and properly accounted for, including any and all visitors. To that end, Identification Systems Group (ISG) offers solutions from BadgePass™ and M2SYS, the best electronic visitor management systems on the market.

Our visitor ID management solutions allow you to scan government-issued ID cards or other credentials, print badges, populate databases, create blacklists and white lists, track visitors, and store information such as the time, date, the person the visitor came to see, and the purpose of the visit. Customized badges with the data your organization requires can be issued using BadgePass™ Visitor Manager software.

With M2SYS VisitorTrack™, you can capture biometric info from regular visitors to speed up their check-in and access privileges.

One of our most popular solutions, is BadgePass SmartReg, which allows you to quickly and accurately capture a visitor’s primary information directly from their driver license or other government-issued ID card.

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