Wristbands & Labels

Wristbands & Labels

Patient Identification for Every Healthcare Need

The Identification Systems Group (ISG) delivers the patient identification solutions that healthcare providers need. Regardless of the department – Registration, Nursing, Pharmacy, Lab, Labor & Delivery, NICU, etc. – we have the right solution to consolidate your facilities’ patient ID wristbands and labels, as well as lab sample systems. ISG patient identification solutions are everywhere in hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities.

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Patient Wristbands & Labels for Any Application

The patient wristbands and labels that the ISG offer improve patient safety and can save your organization money. While improvements are still being made in barcoded positive patient identification, many healthcare facilities still face one or more patient safety issues by simply not using scannable and durable wristbands and labels. These issues can include:

  • Low scan rates
  • Poor durability or visibility
  • Small barcode scan zones
  • Barcodes wrap around patient’s wrist
  • Printers produce illegible prints
  • No ability to reprint quickly
  • High cost per patient

Our patient identification technology delivers vibrant, comprehensive, and cost-effective solutions. From custom label types to special thermal printers to a bevy of patient ID wristband options, we’ve got you covered for every application needing to issue wristbands and labels.

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