Patient ID Card Systems

Patient ID Card Systems

Cost-Effective Patient Identification Solutions

Positive patient identification continues to be a major concern for healthcare providers. Experts agree that healthcare fraud and duplicate medical records are extremely costly to hospital systems. Patient misidentification can be even more costly, not just in dollars but in lives, so accurate patient ID systems are essential to risk aversion and quality healthcare service.

The Identification Systems Group (ISG) offers a variety of solutions that help healthcare facilities do more than just save money; our patient ID systems also help you properly manage patient treatments, eliminate duplicate medical records, protect against healthcare fraud, and avoid other related risks.

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Patient ID Card System

Overcoming Healthcare Obstacles

The ISG recognizes the many obstacles you face in collecting and securing vital patient information. To overcome these difficulties and provide additional benefits for your facility and processes, we offer complete patient ID systems.

This healthcare ID card system helps you to reduce redundant patient records, improve accuracy for patient recognition, enhance your organization’s branding and marketing efforts, and provide a strong return on your investment.

Today’s healthcare market faces many resource-depleting and time-consuming challenges, including:

  • Positively identifying patients during registration process
  • Reducing or eliminating costly duplicate medical records
  • Increasing registration speeds while protecting sensitive patient information
  • Improving the healthcare firm’s marketing and brand image

By implementing an ISG patient ID system, you can meet these challenges head on while still conforming to all industry regulations and HIPAA requirements.

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