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Understanding Frames Per Second (FPS) Needs In Video Surveillance

Re-posted with permission from Capture Technologies and edited.

Many people assume successful video surveillance solutions are solely reliant on high-end video equipment and state-of-the-art gadgetry. While high-definition cameras can be an important cog in the video surveillance machine, recognizing your frame rate needs is the first and most important step to take in this solution.

Deciding on a Frame Rate is the First Step

The number of pictures that are taken per a given unit of time is called the frame rate. When you consider how many pictures are taken or displayed in exactly one second of time, it is called frames per second (or FPS). This measurement is critical when designing your security or video surveillance solution.

The lower the frame rate of the captured video means a less realistic-looking motion on the captured video. Images can appear to be moving in a “jumpy” fashion or there may be no motion at all, due to the decreased number of images captured per second.

Depending on your security solution, a frame rate of one picture every five minutes might suit your needs. This extremely low FPS could also be run on lower performance equipment with smaller storage mediums.

Of course, if your security or surveillance solution is a video-intensive one, then a system with a higher FPS will be required. A standard capture rate for video is 30 FPS, which would equate to a whopping 108,000 pictures to be stored for just one hour of surveillance.

With this increased frame rate, the solution must include a higher performance camera, a digital processor, proper storage medium, and other accessories to ensure a fluid, “real-time” video feed.

Determining how many frames per second you will need to record is often the first step in realizing your video surveillance solution. Even if you choose a lower frame rate for your solution, you can still achieve a high level of satisfaction.

Many companies are able to capture 6-10 frames per second with their security system and users report pictures are adequate with reasonable storage requirements making it a cost-effective solution.

The higher-end frame rate, capturing between 11 and 19 frames per second, yields a higher quality video stream that replicates motion very well, but requires greater storage capacity and faster processing.

Choose the Right Solution for Your Surveillance Needs

Your local ISG dealer can offer video surveillance and security solutions for all ranges of systems that are designed to fit individual needs. High-resolution cameras that deliver quality images can be a solution for both indoor and outdoor surveillance needs for a variety of businesses.

Talk to us today about your specific video surveillance needs. Our experts can even perform a site survey of your property and make suggestions based on your budget and needs.


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