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Diving into Video Analytics with Intelligent, Insightful Data

Re-posted with permission from Identiv and edited.

Capturing insightful data using video analytics from video systems allows you to create intelligent business operations, helping to keep customers and employees safe. Applying video analytics to video surveillance systems also gives you rich operational insights to strategically engage with their customers and citizens. And analytics help create next-generation predictive applications that provide tangible security, business, and customer service benefits.

The Evolution of Video Analytics

From 1990 to the early 2000s, video analytics were server-based and located on-premises, but by the 2010s, had moved to the edge. Now, video analytics are cloud-based and utilize artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to predictively provide more intelligent data and analysis. Why have video analytics become so popular today? Processing is faster, camera resolution is better, and a significant increase in the amount of network-based data captured means improved AI and machine learning.

Types of Analytics

With analytics, intelligent video surveillance platforms can capture, index, and search of faces, license plates, objects, colors, and more. The comprehensive range of options include:

  • Motion analytics
  • Object tracking
  • License plate recognition/automatic number recognition (LPR/ANPR)
  • Facial analytics (face matching, detection, and recognition)
  • Demographics with sentiment analysis
  • Queue line analysis
  • People counting and real-time occupancy
  • Dwell/loitering
Analytics Benefits

Intelligent analytics can help you secure premises or provide customer insights. From instant identification to monitoring marketing displays, analytics work for you:

  • Optimize customer service and operations
  • Gather valuable business intelligence from existing video data
  • Increase ROI
  • Use insights from existing infrastructure to drive marketing and merchandising decisions
  • Recognize threats
  • Monitor triggers using facial recognition, advanced object tracking, and license plate recognition
  • Reduce investigation time
  • Reduce hours to minutes with a centralized, searchable database that includes powerful crime investigation analytics
  • Meet compliance requirements
  • Be on target with submitting evidential video within mandated time periods
Why a Video Analytics Platform Is Important

By adopting an intelligent analytics platform, you can leverage server, edge, or cloud-based analytics. An intelligent platform is able to work with any analytics system and the correlation between multiple analytics can help you create purpose-built solutions to reduce costs, improve customer service, and keep customers and employees safe.

Learn More from the ISG

A comprehensive range of security analytics is available with Identiv solutions from the ISG. Talk to your local ISG expert if you have the need to capture, index and search faces, license plates, objects, and more. You can also learn more here.

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