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Is RightPatient™ Right for Your Patients?

Patient Identification is Too Important to Get Wrong

Patient identification in healthcare is experiencing fundamental changes as more providers recognize the value in adopting authentication technologies that can better protect safety, strengthen security, optimize revenue cycle management, and ensure high levels of data integrity. Sparked by the framework outlined in the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s “triple aim,” RightPatient has risen to the challenge by providing the industry’s most versatile cloud-based patient identification service that accurately identifies patients during in-person visits and remote encounters, including home health, EMTs, and patient portal login.

Inaccurate patient identification in healthcare jeopardizes patient safety but it also has a negative impact on many other critical downstream initiatives essential to the delivery of accurate, affordable care. For example, consider the fact that, on average, hospitals lose approximately $5 million per year on denied claims with 30-40% of these caused by patient mis-identification. In addition, hospital emergency rooms lose on average between $750,000 and $3 million annually from patient identity fraud.

The RightPatient Cloud patient identification service enables hospitals to save money while improving the reliability of their patient data, which directly impacts many other investments in areas like big data, population health, and precision medicine. RightPatient accomplishes this by accurately identifying patients when they capture their photo to prevent duplicate records and mix-ups. Clinicians also love having a patient’s photo displayed with their medical record, with several of our existing customers providing positive feedback that the patient’s picture helps to humanize care delivery and create a more positive patient experience.

RightPatient extends the value of its cloud-based patient identification service with a Smart App that allows clinicians and other users to quickly confirm patient identities by simply looking at them through a smartphone or tablet. The Smart App can quickly identify unconscious patients and is an ideal solution for EMTs and home health visits. Also, the app can be used by physician practices to securely collect and share clinical images in a HIPAA compliant manner, removing the risk of breach associated with locally stored data.

Community Medical Centers (CMC) in Fresno CA recognized the value of RightPatient and recently adopted the service for use at their network of hospitals and physician offices to improve patient safety, reduce fraud, and optimize revenue cycle management. CMC officials like that RightPatient easily integrated into their Epic electronic health record (EHR) system and has become a seamless step in their patient registration workflow. After a successful initial deployment, CMC is planning to expand across the entire enterprise.

RightPatient is on a mission to prevent unreliable patient data caused by duplicate records and identification errors. Learn more about our mission, the customers we serve, and the value of our patient identification service at our website. ISG members are proud to offer RightPatient™ solutions to their many healthcare clients across the US and Canada.

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