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Case Study: ASMSA

The ASMSA Selects BadgePass from the ISG

The Arkansas School for Math, Science and the Arts (ASMSA), located in Hot Springs, Arkansas, is a residential high school for gifted students who excel in mathematics and science. ASMSA was looking for an integrated security solution that could help them cut down on their annual maintenance fees they were paying to multiple service providers and provide them with local, on-site service and support. Since they were already heavily invested in a video management system on campus, they wanted to find an ID and access solution that could integrate with their video system, if possible.

Their local BadgePass dealer, AAMSCO, suggested implementing Badge-Pass Identity Manager to create student and faculty ID badges. BadgePass Visitor Manager was recommended for electronic registration and tracking of guests and visitors. BadgePass Access Manager, integrated with their existing video surveillance software, was the perfect solution to control access rights and privileges to doors on campus.

Ralph Malone, ASMSA’s director of technology, determined that the money the school saved on old service contracts from multiple vendors will pay for the system upgrade and the migration to the BadgePass system in only three years. He explained, “For us, the technology was a huge improvement and the cost savings over time just made sense. Having the ability to work with a local dealer and receive better service and support only made the product even more appealing.”

By implementing one system to manage three security applications on campus, the workload on the IT department has been greatly reduced. Furthermore, the access readers that have been added campus-wide now allow administration to know where the students are located at all times and helps determine the highest traffic areas. By implementing a fully integrated identity platform like BadgePass, schools can benefit from the features and functionality of multiple applications without the headache of managing each system individually.

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