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Visitor Management: Keeping Unwanted Visitors Away

Re-posted with permission from BadgePass and edited.

Recently, one of our ISG members was visiting a company to discuss their ID and door access system and noticed a collection of photos on the wall alongside the receptionist’s desk. When asked what those photos were for, the receptionist said they were photos of the people that she wasn’t supposed to let enter the facility. In other words, these were the “banned” visitors at that time. The photos were provided by the security staff and printed with the name of the person underneath.

When asked if one of the people from the photos had ever actually shown up, she said that they had, and it was extremely uncomfortable for her because she wasn’t a security person and wasn’t really sure how to handle the situation.

Maintain Accuracy & Control

The challenge of keeping unwanted visitors from entering a facility has always been present. The issue is that most of the team members that work at front desks or reception aren’t adequately equipped to handle a banned visitor – especially when they may be disgruntled or unruly.

Electronic visitor management systems can help streamline the process for keeping banned visitors away and eliminate the need for the front office team to handle an uncomfortable situation. By electronically “flagging” those guests that shouldn’t be allowed in the facility, you eliminate the “poster board” of names and faces in your reception area, keeping that secure information private. Furthermore, when a guest shows up and scans their driver’s license, you ensure that only the actual banned visitor is kept out – not their twin or someone who “kind of looks like them”.

The visitor tracking system will privately notify the operator that the guest is “banned”, and at that time, allow them to choose the appropriate course of action. This process is up to the organization, but the next step may be to notify security, who can them come to the check in desk and handle the situation appropriately.

Advanced visitor management systems will also allow for more selective banning. For example, some people may be granted access to one building in an organization but banned from another. Or they may be allowed access to a certain area, but not be allowed to meet with a specific person. This multi-level banning allows organizations to differentiate who or where a person is banned from, instead of just placing a universal ban on all persons.

BadgePass Solutions from the ISG

Electronic visitor management allows facilities to benefit from not only knowing who accessed the building and when, but also keep unwanted or banned visitors away. BadgePass Visitor Manager is the fastest visitor check in system on the market, allowing organizations to check in visitors in less than six seconds.

Contact us today to schedule a demo and find out how a visitor management system can help improve your visitor check in process.

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