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Virus Management Solutions for Your Organization

With our world currently in chaos from the current Coronavirus pandemic, many businesses are struggling to keep their doors open. Even if your company provides products or services that are considered essential during this unusual time, managing your own employees, vendors and visitors can be difficult. ISG dealers, along with our partners like Elliott Mobile Solutions, AMT Datasouth, PDC Healthcare, M2SYS and others, have virus management solutions that can help you manage your healthy staff, issue temporary IDs, setup temperature check stations, and more.

Crisis Management Solutions from the ISG

Since your ISG dealer is local in your community, they can quickly help you with solutions for managing today’s COVID-19 crisis. With many healthcare employees and IT staffs being overburdened, we may be able to help your hospital, business, school or government department with straightforward virus management solutions for the following issues:

Increased Number of Admittance & Intake Stations

As hospitals create new areas within existing facilities, specifically for COVID-19 patients separate from other cases, more stations are needed to print wristbands and labels. The ISG can solve this with biometric patient recognition solutions, mobile wristband and label issuance systems, and more.

Increased Locations to Handle Surge of Patients, Quarantines & Drive-through Testing

Parking lots, shopping center lots, tents, trailers and more are all being deployed across the nation as temporary testing stations or quarantine zones. Many need the ability to print patient wristbands and labels to identify individuals or mark their status. Your local ISG dealer can help with mobile wristband and label issuance systems, as well as mobile ID issuance for field staff and volunteers.

Need to Work Off-line

Offsite locations may lack network capabilities, so software on mobile tablets or laptops that can admit patients and print wristbands and labels can be tremendously helpful. We provide Process 24/7, a patient admittance software that stores a local database that can later be uploaded to the hospital system.

Need to Easily Identify & Mark Status of Patients or Employees

The hospital’s current wristbands and labels may not be setup for special layouts that make a patient’s current testing status obvious. New layouts may be needed as new needs emerge, with the ability to rapidly deploy them in your facility or at remote locations. An overburdened IT staff may not have time to create the layouts. Your local ISG dealer can handle these needs quickly.

Issue IDs Onsite

If your staff may be conscripted to help serve patients in irregular facilities, you may need to issue IDs to healthcare personnel and others at temporary hospital locations. You can securely issue IDs in the field using our Mobile ID system. Validate IDs on the spot by scanning the QR barcode to view their skills and certifications from your own smart phone, and print temporary IDs and passes on the spot.

Track Staff Training Sessions

Tracking the participation and completion of COVID-19 training procedures by healthcare personnel may be something completely new to your healthcare system. We offer timestamped attendance management solutions for classroom or hands-on training from start to finish. And you can generate reports from anywhere.

Manage COVID-19 Temperature Checkpoints

Need to track daily staff temperature checks for entrance approval? Identify and monitor employees for signs of COVID-19 viral infection by performing temperature checks as they enter. Identify those whose temperature was taken, when it was performed, and what temperature was. Use the EPIC Track solution from the ISG on your own smart phone, tablet or workstation to manage personnel, track results and print reports.

Manage COVID-19 Test Stations

If you need to manage test station sites quickly and efficiently from registration to test completion, we can also help. We provide an automated identification, registration and tracking solution that is perfect for quick, efficient and accurate on-site testing. Identify attendees as they are parked in line and quickly process each person as they are tested for COVID-19 before they enter your facilities.

We Are Ready to Help You Right Now

Your local ISG dealer is just an email or phone call away. With more than 90 locations across the US and Canada, and more than 200 service technicians, the ISG is ready, willing and able to assist you in this difficult and confusing business environment. With solutions that can help your hospital, business or agency stay on its feet, we can assist you in managing your own organization’s attempts to overcome the effects of the COVID-19 virus on your day-to-day business.

Ask us via our chat tool below or fill out our online contact form about any of the solutions you have read in this post or on our website. You can also check out our special page specifically dedicated to our primary virus management solutions. We are ready and willing to help.

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