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The ID Card Gets an On-Campus Companion

Re-posted with permission from Capture Technologies and edited.

As college and high school campuses continue to evolve and expand, smart ID card systems are changing alongside, including the emerging technology of wearable ID cards.

On any given day, an average college student might use their smart ID card over a dozen times in a number of different settings. From building access as the young student starts their day at the dormitory through a series of classes, buildings, cafes, and meeting rooms, the ubiquitous student ID card might be pulled out of a wallet or purse innumerable times.

This constant exposing of one’s personal affects, each and every time the student ID card is required for entry or purchase, increases the chance of having something become lost or stolen. Preventing this need to constantly present the smart ID card at every turn is just one of the benefits of wearable ID technology.

Where Wearables Make the Most Sense

Articles about the benefits of wearable identification systems highlight the increasing popularity of these new devices. Convenience is only one aspect that is appealing to college students but also the style of the devices, customizable to reflect school colors or other stylistic preferences.

Campuses have had success in offering wristband identification as an upgrade option to the standard student ID. Some have held contests or used other marketing techniques to highlight the benefits of wearable ID technology and to help spread the word of their existence.

The Sacramento, California area is one that would be a perfect fit for wearable ID technology. Both UC Davis and Sacramento State University campuses are examples of where wearable technology makes sense.

Classes, dormitories, and other campus buildings are often a bike ride away at UC Davis, making travel between classes more difficult than a simple walk down a set of stairs. It would be incredibly convenient when moving from Segundo Residence Halls over to class at Wellman or Wickson Hall, then for a workout at the Activities and Recreation Center (ARC), to have your building access, identification, and meal plan all on your wrist.

Sacramento State offers different challenges with buildings clumped fairly close together with multiple access points over a small space. You can go from Brighton Hall to Santa Clara Hall, over to Sequoia Hall or Placer Hall in an instant, using your wearable ID for building access each entry without fumbling around for your elusive ID card.

Either of these scenarios might be similar to what your students and staff are facing on your campus. Wearable access wristbands might be a practical solution for you for multiple reasons:

  • The convenience of a “hands free” way to unlock or open doors
  • Custom logos for school branding and recognition
  • Durable, waterproof design with many color options
  • Secure Proximity or MIFARE technologies
  • Links to non-access applications like payments and campus services

While not widespread yet, wearable ID technology is the wave of the future and a surefire hit for gadget-crazed students.

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