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Access Wristbands

Access Wristbands

Custom Access Wristbands

For the ultimate in discreet, functional access, the ISG offers our MIFARE and Proximity access wristbands, which can be customized with your organization’s logo. These durable, water resistant wristbands are an excellent solution, especially for campus environments where access or identification may be necessary for a variety of functions such as building access, vending services, identification, and more.

ISG™ Access Wristbands are the perfect solution for students, teachers, janitorial staff, warehouse staff, security guards, transportation workers, healthcare workers, park employees, and more, where quick access might be needed without fumbling for their access card.

With options for either 13.56 MHz 1K MIFARE™ or standard passive 125 KHz proximity card technology, ISG™ Access Wristbands can be used with almost any existing access control system for the ultimate in comfort and convenience. Our access wristbands have a data retention lifespan for up to 10 years and a write endurance of 100,000 cycles.

Contact the Identification Systems Group today to learn more about our various access control and credential management solutions for your campus environment.

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