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LENSEC Perspective VMS

LENSEC Perspective VMS


Perspective VMS™ from LENSEC is an enterprise class, highly scalable video management software solution. Perspective VMS™ includes physical monitoring tools such as access control, RFID, and more.

The VMS solution includes Express, Standard and Enterprise level packages, with a variety of security camera control packages, browser-based client applications, global search, camera docks, multi-view sequencing, video tagging, video archiving, workflow management, and more. It also supports a huge list of camera manufacturers (including IP cameras) so you aren’t locked into a specific camera vendor or limited to a specific type of video capture hardware.

Perspective VMS® offers a lot of advanced software capabilities and tools in three different product editions. Our browser-based application is built exclusively on HTML5 and gives you full control of your physical security footprint. This product description lines out several key features of the PVMS unified security platform. LENSEC highlights many of our key program capabilities here. Take a look and learn more as you experience the power of perspective.

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