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ISG PEAK RTX1000LG Oversized Card Printer

ISG PEAK RTX1000LG Oversized Card Printer

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The ISG™ Peak RTX1000LG is an innovative retransfer printer, that specializes in printing exceptionally high quality oversized cards for the event management industry, and is capable of printing up to 128 cards per hour. The RTX1000LG offers contactless encoding as an option and like the rest of the Peak family it retains high quality print production.

This is the perfect solution for printing large event and conference badges for trade shows, concert arenas, conventions, sporting events and more, and can use flexible, durable card materials including PVC, ABS, PET and composite cards.

Producing non-standard, wide format cards that reflect the caliber of events and conference organizers’ own branding is a challenge in today’s market, and it is critical that companies can feel confident that visitor and guest cards show them in a good light. The RTX1000LG achieves that, in part because its retransfer technology is superior.

Click on the link below to download a product datasheet or click to get pricing information from your local ISG dealer.

ISG PEAK RTX1000LG oversized badge samples

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