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One Database, but Multiple ID Badging Locations?

Re-posted with permission from BadgePass and edited.

One of our ISG members recently had the opportunity to work with a large healthcare organization on their ID badging software upgrade. The previous software they used for badge creation was a completely stand-alone system. Each of their 11 locations across the state had their own instance of the software and none of the systems communicated with one another. This made it difficult to standardize on badge designs and for employees who worked in one location to produce IDs for employees in another facility.

Long term, the hospital’s IT Director knew that they would want to use these badges for more than just photo ID. They had plans to implement other security applications like access control, visitor tracking, and logical access. If they continued to use their stand-alone ID badging software, how would they get their credentials activated in all those other systems once they were ready to do more with their cards?

BadgePass to the Rescue

What they really needed wasn’t new ID badging software, but instead a complete credential management system. BadgePass Identity Manager provided them with all the functionality they had in their previous system. It allowed them to continue to design custom badges, capture photos and print credentials with ease. However, it also gave them much more than that; it would become the foundation for their credential management system. And moving forward, once they added additional applications like access control, their cards would be automatically activated as soon as they were printed.

BadgePass was a natural fit for their ID badging software upgrade, as it gave them the ability to establish a centralized location where card design templates could be created and managed to present a consistent appearance for all employee IDs. It also allowed them to create permissions to restrict the individual hospitals from modifying the designs, helping to maintain a standard for the department. For a large hospital chain constantly facing security concerns, this was extremely important.

Need Help with Your ID Badging Needs?

Is your organization considering an ID badging software upgrade? We encourage you to think about your long-term security goals and initiatives before making a migration. Do you have plans to use your credentials for other applications in addition to visual security in the future? If so, consider moving away from traditional stand-alone ID systems to an enterprise credential management system to protect your investment and secure your future, just as this hospital did.

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