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BadgePass Identity Manager

BadgePass Identity Manager

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ID badges are critical to organizations of all sizes, as they provide the foundation for that facility’s security. When implementing a badging system, ask yourself what you want your card to do. BadgePass™ Identity Manager is the credential management solution experts trust when they want to do more with their cards than just wear them.

Identity Manager provides a single point of enrollment, credential management, and employee identification management across all BadgePass™ modules. It can also help manage users and identities within the system, create customized work flows, and enforce security policies to easily and efficiently increase your overall security.

Most ID software is designed around producing the visuals for the badge, but badges aren’t just for wearing anymore! 97% of organizations that purchase a credential management system end up implementing at least two additional applications that use their cards within two years.

Think of all the things you may want to use your card for one day. You may want to use it to access doors, lockers or cabinets. You may want to sign onto your computer and eliminate passwords. You may want to track visitors and guests at a facility. The more applications you implement with your ID card, the more you need a complete credential management system and not just ID badge software!

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