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Metal Embossing Machines & Supplies

metal plate embossers

The Identification Systems Group (ISG) offers the industry’s widest range of metal plate and tag embossing machines and supplies, with local installation and support across the continent. No matter the size of your organization or your metal plate engraving needs, whether you need a portable system or one that can handle high volumes of different plate sizes, we have the right embossing solution that will work for you.

We also offer high quality metal tag and plate supplies that will work with any of our metal plate engravers or embossers, as well as legacy machines from a variety of manufacturers.

Metal Plate & Tag Supplies

embossing supplies

The ISG offers a wide variety of standard metal plates and metal tags for embossing and engraving. No matter what your metal plate engraving needs, we can provide the right solution for you at fantastic prices and in volumes that makes sense for your business.

Our embossing supplies are available in aluminum, chromium, stainless steel, galvanized steel, electro-tinplated steel, brass, and more, and can be used for a myriad of applications, from utilities to manufacturing, medical to military, construction to arboretums, and much, much more.

For more information on the specific sizes, part numbers, drilling options and uses, please reference our extensive Metal Plate and Tag Supplies catalog.

Metal Plate & Metal Tag Embossers

The ME and MTM lines of metal embossing machines include everything from portable manual units to fully automated systems designed for high volume capacities and/or custom metal tag sizes. From dog tags and medical alert tags to serialized appliance plates and line tags with 2D barcodes, we have the right metal ID embossing machine to fill your needs.

  • MTM500: a proven and cost effective permanent identification solution for easy entry marker plates and tags, or for metal plates and tags with zip ties or fixing straps
  • ME 500: compact, portable, automatic metal embossing machine
  • ME 500 2D Data Matrix: portable solution for embossing metal plates and dog tags with 2D data matrix barcodes.
  • ME 1500: automatic, rugged, high speed metal plate and tag embosser.
  • ME 1000/2000: heavy-duty metal plate and tag embosser.
  • ME 1500 Data Matrix: compact, auto-feed, rugged, high speed with 2D data matrix barcode capability.
  • ME 1000/2000 2D Data Matrix: machine readable 2D barcode on metal tags and plates.
  • ME 2000 Vision System: heavy-duty metal plate and tag embosser with a built in Vision Inspection System.

Dog Tag Embossers

dog tags

Designed specifically for international dog tag formats, our dog tag embossers handle standard fonts and are perfect for creating personalized tags for military personnel, medical alert tags, pet identification tags, and more. The ISG offers both low-cost manual embossing solutions as well as automated systems for higher volumes.

  • M10 HE: portable, manual, metal dog tag and metal plate embosser. This unit does not require any power to operate, making it an ideal solution for manually marking metal tags and plates in any environment.
  • MDT 500 HE: portable, fully automatic metal plate and dog tag embosser. The MDT 500 HE has the added capability of embossing red medical alert tags.
  • MDT 1000: a new compact, auto-feed, high speed metal tag embosser based on durable and proven technology. Flexible and specifically designed for military tagging applications.

Dot Matrix Embossers

The MDM series of dot matrix embossers is perfect for creating custom images, logos, fonts, and 2D barcodes on a variety of metal plate sizes. Not limited to specific fonts, with dot matrix technology, you can create just about anything you need using tiny dots punched into the surface of the metal tag or plate. Let us help you find the right solution for your specific industrial metal tag needs.

Metal Plate Laser Engraver

laser engraved tag

The ISG now offers laser marking systems for metal plates and metal tags with the ML2000 Metal Laser Series. The ML2000 is a compact, fast, and secure metal plate engraving solution that is suitable for any manufacturing environment. If offers a level of automation that will save you time, money, and energy.

Embossing & Laser Engraving Software

To get full functionality out of the best metal plate and tag embossers or desktop laser engravers, you need the right software to help you get the job done. The ISG offers embossing and engraving software solutions from CIM to work hand-in-hand with our embossers, engravers and dog tag machines.

  • Laser Tag One: with Laser Tag One, you will have the most innovative, easy-to-use laser marking software available in the market today. Laser Tag One offers advanced editing features with laser setup, laser control and diagnostics for complete control of the laser marking process. Works with the ML2000 laser engraver only.
  • PowerTag: with its two versions Evo and Lite, PowerTag is our response to a growing demand for intuitive, easy-to-use and powerful metal marking software that can manage both simple and more complex tag printing jobs. Works with all of our metal plate and tag embossers.
  • QuickMark: a simple and versatile software with an intuitive interface that insures professional graphic creation and high level data management that is easy-to-use, even by those new to metal plate embossing. Works with the MTM500 only.

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The Identification Systems Group offers high quality, high performance metal plate engravers and embossing machines for all applications. Find your nearest ISG dealer or contact us for more information.