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Access Control Security Where You’d Least Expect It

Re-posted with permission from Capture Technologies and edited.

When managers think about the security of their business, the focus is usually on an impenetrable front door, high-tech surveillance system, and a state-of-the-art access control system. All these things can be in place, yet the business is still vulnerable to an attack via the card reader, which is often the only point from which outside agents can breach the physical security.

Most businesses rely on key cards for their employees to gain entrance to their workplaces, providing a layer of access control that brings peace of mind to both management and the workers themselves. What’s not understood by many is that there are people out there trying to fabricate counterfeit prox cards in order to gain access to businesses in order to steal their information. Ultimately, breaching a business’s access control system in order to steal laptops and thus, information, is a more time effective strategy than a computer hack or cyber-theft might be.

These cyber-crooks will attempt to intercept the RF transmissions at the point of entry or attempt to unlawfully duplicate cards, all in a desperate attempt to break in. Some manufacturers have made great strides to make the card reader more impervious to these hack attacks, strengthening the physical security of the business.

Secure Cards in Addition to Readers

One such manufacturer, HID Global, with their iClass Seos + Prox Cards, use state-of-the-art cryptography to protect the communication between card and reader. In addition, there are no traceable identifiers during card sessions, preventing data from being divulged or used in card cloning.

This standard based solution supports future technologies such as the implementation of smart phones for access control. This new card provides stronger authentication, privacy protection and a secure processor for increased data protection. Like many card printer manufacturers, they also offer anti-counterfeiting features such as holograms, holographic foil, and Optical Variable Ink (OVI) for cards.

Business security and access control continues to be a burgeoning field and industry leaders are not only keeping pace with the changing landscape of business, but are paving the way with technology to help stave off attacks and keep out unwanted persons.

Your Local Access Control Experts

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