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Automated Enrollment

The use of government-issued IDs and driver licenses can save time and money when capturing visitor or employee data.

The use of government issued driver licenses and ID cards can save time & money, improve accuracy, enhance security, and reduce duplicate records by automating your enrollment and search processes.


  1. Introduction
  2. How it works
  3. Benefits
  4. Markets & Applications
  5. Driver Licenses & Government ID’s
  6. Return on Investment
  7. Implementation


Today’s state issued driver licenses, and other government issued ID cards, contain information that can be read electronically. There are a variety of applications and benefits to using this “readable” technology.

This white paper focuses on a solution named SmartReg – as in Smart Registration.

How it works

SmartReg is an easy to use system that includes software and a card reader. The software is not seen by the operator. By scanning driver license and government ID cards, information is automatically populated in your fields in your screens.

This fast and accurate process automates your:

  • Recall of current customer records
  • Entering information for new records


  • Application independent means there is not integration needed with your database. You use your current software applications and screens. The SmartReg system simply emulates human keystrokes by reading the electronic information from the ID card.
  • Fast and accurate recall of the correct person’s record.
  • Automatically enter the person’s information when adding a new record. Any information available on the driver license or government issued ID cards can be automatically populated to your enrollment screen.
  • Reduction of duplicate records caused by errors, typos, and common names (John Smith, Jonathan Smith, Johnny Smith, J. Smith). The technology allows for multiple search fields to be entered, such as Name, Date of Birth, City, State, and so on.
  • Greater privacy in the enrollment process by reducing verbal exchange of information.
  • Enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Reduce fraud by detecting use of fraudulent ID cards.

Markets & Applications

Some key markets where the use of SmartReg technology is recommended are:

Casinos & Gaming
Recall patron records with the driver license or casino player cards. Enroll new patrons by reading the driver license.

Hospitals & Healthcare
Reduce duplicate medical records by recalling the correct patient, and by entering accurate information of new patients.

Travel & Entertainment
Enroll walk-up customers and recall existing reservations. Visually detect if a fraudulent license is being used.

Rental Companies
Auto, furniture, equipment and other rental companies. Enroll new customers and visually detect if license is fraudulent.

Retail Stores
Automate the return process by automatically capturing name and address.

Liquor Stores, Bars & Taverns
Provide automatic age verification or warnings, and compile a list of customers along with dates and times. Visually detect if a fraudulent driver license front is being used.

Any application that requires recall and/or entry of new customer records can benefit by using SmartReg.

Driver Licenses & Government ID’s

All 50 states now issue driver licenses and state ID cards that contain either a 2D (PDF417) bar code, magnetic stripe or both. In addition, Military ID cards, Foreign Workers ID cards, and financial credit cards can be read.

With some exceptions, most state driver licenses include fields for name, address, city/state/zip, driver license number, date of birth, expiration date, and gender.

Return on Investment (ROI)

The typical ROI for SmartReg is quite large. There are real savings and revenue generating benefits realized.

The estimate of duplicate medical records at hospitals is 5-20%. The cost to detect and correct a duplicate medical record in a hospital can be $20 or more, according to various sources. As an example, using database size of 500,000 patient records, a duplicate rate of 10% and $20 for each, the total cost is $1,000,000.

The value of each patron to a casino is high. The cost to attract and retain each patron is also high. The speed of processing patrons is vital. For every minute a patron stands in line, the casino loses a certain amount of revenue. One source estimated this loss at $2.97 per minute. In addition, the resulting duplicate record problem can cost money for duplicate mailings and database maintenance.


The SmartReg solution can be installed on any PC running Windows or Terminal Emulation software. The software runs in the background, so there is not operator involvement required with SmartReg. The software recognizes the screen the operator is in (i.e. Search or Enrollment) and automatically fills in the fields you want.  The SmartReg solution includes software, card reader, software maintenance support and on-site installation and training.

The Identification Systems Group

SmartReg is a solution provided exclusively by The Identification Systems Group (ISG). ISG members include dealers that cover the entire USA and Canada. They are your local experts in identification technology. Strong local sales and technical support is provided by all dealers, and they share common products, knowledge and practices.

ISG dealers provide local support, vast expertise, and cost effective solutions. The dealers can offer a wide range of solutions, including ID Card, Visitor Registration and a variety of tracking systems.

Your local ISG dealer can assist you in determining the best and most cost effective solutions to meet your needs. They are available for on-site presentations and consultation.

To learn more, chat with us or find your local ISG dealer.

About the Author:

Tom Stiles is the Executive Director of Identifications Group. He has 40 years of experience in the identification industry, including extensive work with the healthcare market.

Tom Stiles
Identification Systems Group

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