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photo ID system

ISG Photo Identification Considerations White Paper

Choosing the right photo ID system for your organization is not as simple as just ordering a package online. There are a lot of variables that you need to consider to make sure that you aren't making the wrong purchase. Read this helpful list of items thoroughly and talk to a solutions expert before deciding on a system for your organization.

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patient identification and registration

ISG Patient Registration & Identification White Paper

The healthcare industry continues to struggle with patient identification errors that cost time, money, and have a negative impact on patient safety. The numbers and potential ROI for fixing this problem are huge. Articles, statistics and studies abound, but what can be done?

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K-12 Security

ISG K-12 Security White Paper

Safety and security is not a simple task, it requires an immense amount of planning, documentation, training, and investment.  Security risk assessments, emergency preparedness, crisis planning, working with local law enforcement, and training are among the details.  The long list of possible recommendations and technology choices can be difficult to understand and prioritize.  However, it needs to be accomplished!

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Financial Card

ISG Financial Card Instant Issuance White Paper

Many financial institutions in the U.S. and Canada are implementing systems to provide for the instant issuance of card products in branch locations.  There are many benefits derived from instant issuance.  This paper provides information and considerations to help you with your decision and planning. Customers are switching financial institutions more often, and are making decisions on whom to do business with based on convenience and customer service. Financial institutions are not only implementing instant issuance systems, but they are strongly marketing the new capability.

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Employee ID

ISG Identity Management White Paper

We all recognize that in today's world, there is a growing need for increased security.  Current trends in identification security include Contactless and Contact Smart Cards, biometrics, vulnerability of information, government and industry group mandates and recommendations, and the convergence of physical and logical security.  You need to make the right decisions, but operate within a finite budget.

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Patient ID

ISG Bar Coded Patient Identification White Paper

In 1999, a landmark report was released by the Institute of Medicine spotlighting patient safety. The report brought to light the staggering number of medical mistakes; pointing out tens of thousands of preventable deaths from medical errors and thousands from medication errors.  In response to that, healthcare organizations have rapidly implemented bar coded patient identification in wristbands and labels. Helping improve patient safety with wristbands and labels.

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Automated Enrollment

ISG Automated Enrollment White Paper

Use of government issued ID cards can save time and money, improve accuracy, enhance security, and reduce duplicate records by automating your search and enrollment processes.

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