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Visitor Registration & Management

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Effective security means that everyone entering your facility must be identified and properly accounted for, including any and all visitors. To that end, Identification Systems Group (ISG) offers BadgePass™, the best electronic visitor management system on the market.

Our visitor ID management solution allows you to scan government-issued ID cards or other credentials, print badges, populate databases, create blacklists and white lists, track visitors, and store information such as the time, date, the person the visitor came to see, and the purpose of the visit. Customized badges with the data your organization requires can be issued using BadgePass™ Visitor Manager software.

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Visitor Check-In & Tracking

Many organizations utilize visitor management solutions to enhance security and improve their corporate image. The ISG's BadgePass™ Visitor Manager system allows facilities of all sizes to easily register and track visitors. User-friendly and customizable, our visitor management system supports driver’s license scanning, custom visitor badge printing, and web-based reporting, letting you quickly identify and track each of your guests. Visitors’ information can literally be captured into your visitor management system in a matter of a few seconds, to check against lists and scheduled appointments, and ready for visitor badge issuance.

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Visitor Manager Software

BadgePass™ Visitor Manager makes it easy to electronically register and track all visitors and guests in any facility. The process is simple: users scan a visitor's ID to automatically populate the enrollment screen, then gather any additional information that is required to check-in the guest. Customized visitor ID badges can be printed in seconds, allowing for the easy identification of all on-site guests.

This ISG visitor management solution also allows for an accurate snapshot of all visitors that are currently on-site at any given moment. In the event of an emergency or evacuation, this information can be critical to your organization's security and the safety of everyone in your building. Even better, with BadgePass™ visitor management technology, you can access and run reports at any time, giving you access to all the data you need about everyone that visited your facility on any given date.

The BadgePass™ Visitor Manager system will also check visitors against the national sex offender database and against your own internal "barred" list. The system can also be integrated with your current student, faculty, and staff database for additional security applications.

The fastest visitor ID system on the market, BadgePass™ Visitor Manager allows users to complete the check-in process in six seconds or less. The software is extremely flexible, allowing you to customize fields and options to meet your specific requirements. Best of all, you get all the benefits of a fully-featured visitor management solution along with the ability to integrate it with access control software and print photo ID cards all from the same system.

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Features & Benefits of BadgePass™ Visitor Management

  • Driver's license scanning
  • National sex offender registry search
  • Ban visitors from internal watch list
  • Notify guests upon visitor arrival
  • Customized badge designs
  • Web-based reporting

View the BadgePass™ Visitor Manager datasheet, read our BadgePass™ case study, or check out our other related case studies for more information. You can also submit a request for quote from your local ISG dealer for the visitor management system that meets your needs.

BadgePass™ QuickPass Cards

For years, organizations have struggled to find a secure and cost-effective way to manage temporary visitor access. QuickPass cards offer the benefit of rapid visitor enrollment combined with the security of an enterprise access control system. The process is simple. First, register a guest using BadgePass Visitor Manager. Then, instead of issuing an adhesive badge, assign a QuickPass card to the guest. Only when it’s associated with a current guest will a QuickPass card have active access privileges. When a visitor leaves, access rights are automatically revoked, eliminating the security risks typically associated with giving access credentials to guests. Fast, efficient and secure; BadgePass™ QuickPass has everything you need for proper visitor ID issuance.

Talk to us about your visitor management needs to find out how QuickPass Cards could work for your organization.

Quickpass cards

Visitor Badges & Accessories

As accurate visitor identification is the primary visual means to verify that a person is allowed to be on your premises, it is vital that visitors wear easily recognizable ID credentials. Whether you choose to use self-expiring disposable visitor badges, reusable card backs with temporary labels, or preprinted numbered visitor IDs, the ISG offers a variety of solutions to meet your needs.

Request a quote from your local ISG dealer for visitor badges, lanyards, and more.

Visitor Data Capture Devices

Contact the ISG to receive a current list of trusted and certified capture devices for seamless integration and support of the BadgePass™ visitor management system, or to receive more information on capture devices that will work with the ISG's visitor management and registration solutions.

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