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Top 6 Advantages of a Biometric ID System

Re-posted with permission from M2SYS and edited.

Have you ever thought of deploying biometrics, but are not sure about its advantages and disadvantages? Biometric solutions include the most cutting-edge technologies that use unique attributes for identification and verification. These human attributes such as fingerprint, finger vein, and iris cannot be copied, manipulated or forged, so their correct usage creates an unbreakable access wall. As traditional individual authentication methods are gradually becoming obsolete, biometric authentication is taking over where passwords or ID card-based authentication used to be due to numerous advantages.

The Top 6 Advantages

1. Improved Security

  • Unique individual identification
  • Multi-modal biometric ensures 100% accuracy
  • Nearly impossible to forge

2. Identification Accuracy

  • Every individual possesses unique physiological features
  • These features cannot be easily swapped, shared or stolen
  • Biometric identification can identify someone accurately

3. Established Accountability

  • Every transaction is recorded clearly
  • Reduces the possibility of system misuse or fraud
  • Creates concrete activity with an audit trail

4. Added Convenience

  • Easy installation and setup
  • Biometric credentials are always with you
  • Reduced paperwork

5. Seamless Integration

  • Easy to integrate
  • Provides centralized control for security administrators

6. Improved ROI

  • Lowers administrative expenses
  • Prevents fraud and abuse
  • Reduces any password reset costs

You can probably think of even more advantages that would benefit your specific organization, but these 6 would almost assuredly be on the list. Check out this infographic that presents the six advantages of a biometric identification management system.

Top 6 Advantages of Biometric Identification

Even Greater Advantage from the ISG

Not only does having the right solution in place create a tremendous benefit to your organization with improved security and accurate identification, but having the right guide to help you with planning, installation, training and support is an even greater advantage.

Talk to your local ISG expert about biometric solutions from M2SYS as well as other solutions for access control, video surveillance, visitor management and more. With more than 90 locations across the US and Canada, we can be there when you need us to help you improve your existing solutions or plan for the future.

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