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Time & Attendance Solutions

time and attendance systems

The ISG offers several time and attendance solutions that can integrate with those systems for better employee management. From faster check-in solutions using employee ID cards to biometric "soft clock" solutions that can incorporate mobile devices to integrated student ID solutions for part-time campus employees, the ISG has the most modern solutions for employee time management.

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BadgePass™ Time Manager

BadgePass Time Manager

Time Manager offers a simple yet cost-effective way to manage employee time, help you control labor costs, and improve workforce productivity. This ease-to-use time tracking cards and software allow allows users to scan their photo ID cards to efficiently clock in and out of work.

If you are already using employee ID cards, this is an excellent way to incorporate time and attendance capabilities using the printed barcodes, magnetic stripes or contactless technology you may already have on your cards.

Find out more about this module in our Time Manager datasheet.

RightPunch™ Biometric Time Clock

biometric time clock solution

For organizations that want to thrive, every second matters. This is especially true of hourly employees whose productivity depends on how they spend their time. Unfortunately, many hourly employees steal time by committing what is known as "buddy punching" - when one employee clocks in for another - which can end up costing employers up to 3% of gross payroll. Biometric time clocks can help to prevent "buddy punching", but can be cost-prohibitive, especially when factoring in maintenance fees.

RightPunch™ is an affordable biometric "soft clock" that integrates with popular workforce management systems like Kronos and ADP. Simply install the software on any Windows PC or tablet, plug in the biometric device, and you immediately have a low-cost solution to eliminate "buddy punching".

Read our ISG M2SYS RightPunch™ datasheet to see how this solution could save money for your organization.

TotalCard™ Time & Attendance

Managing student worker time cards can be a challenging task, but with the TotalCard™ time and attendance module, student employees can simply use their student ID cards to clock in and out, wherever they work on campus. The integrated ID system logs the dates and times of every scan, allowing you to run, edit, and export reports anytime you want. It's fast and simple for both the students who use it and the staff members who manage it.

totalcard student time attendance

Features and benefits include:

  • Eliminates paper time cards
  • Set electronic reporting details
  • Increases use of student ID system
  • Clock-in and out via barcode or magnetic stripe

View the TotalCard™ Time & Attendance datasheet for more information about our student time and attendance solutions.

Which Time & Attendance Solution is Best For You?

Contact your local ISG dealer today to find which of these time and attendance solutions is best for your organization's specific tracking and management needs.