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Thermal Printers

thermal printers

Thermal printers are the ideal choice for most wristband and label printing applications in many industries, especially healthcare, because they are low cost, easily portable, and already in use by thousands of hospitals and other facilities nationwide. No matter the application, the Identification Systems Group (ISG) has the perfect label and wristband printer options for your exact needs. These thermal printers work great for barcode labels, wristbands, receipts, packing labels, and more. The mobile versions are especially handy in healthcare, first responder, warehousing, parking, vending, and even casino applications.

ISG™ Summit Series thermal printers provide solutions for network connectivity, digital displays, downtime modes, and custom programming. The ISG also offers onsite installation, team training, and maintenance plans to make sure that your printers are running at their optimal performance.

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Z5 printer

ISG™ Z5 Thermal Printer

ISG™ Z5DT and Z5TT thermal barcode printers are perfect for your label, ticket or continuous paper printing needs. They are full featured units with a low price point, and a two-year warranty that demonstrates their reliability. They offer fast print speeds, default connectivity options, and straightforward operation making them the industry standard for labeling important packages, files and containers for storage or transport.

ISG Seal of Approval For more information about these ISG thermal printers, please view the Z5 Thermal Printers datasheet.

S100 printer

ISG™ S100 Wristband Thermal Printer

With a small footprint that can still accommodate large rolls of wristbands, the S100 was specifically designed as a high performance barcoded wristband printer. It is compact, fast, affordable, and available with 203 or 300 DPI printing.

ISG Seal of Approval
For more information about this ISG wristband printer, please view the S100 Thermal Printer datasheet.

S200 printer

ISG™ S200 Portable Wireless Thermal Printer

The S200 portable printer is ideally suited for a wide variety of mobile applications. It's lightweight, wireless, and includes many low-cost features that make it a great choice for organizations of any size.

ISG Seal of Approval Read more about its advantages in the S200 Thermal Printer datasheet.

S300 printer

ISG™ S300 Barcode & Receipt Thermal Printer

The Summit Series S300 hospital thermal printer is a lightweight, compact printer that is ideally suited for printing receipts and barcode labels. Couple this Bluetooth®-enabled device with a Bluetooth® scanner for the perfect patient bedside specimen label solution. Our PAL programming language makes the S300 an intelligent printer that allows for customization of the label or receipt output.

ISG Seal of Approval Learn more about this mobile healthcare printer in the S300 Thermal Printer datasheet.

S400 printer

ISG™ S400 WiFi Thermal Printer

The Summit S400 Series thermal printer offers many of the same features as the S300 Series, but with a more rugged design for healthcare or warehousing applications. It features both WiFi and Bluetooth® capabilities.

ISG Seal of Approval Compare the differences between models with the S400 Thermal Printer datasheet.

S500 printer

ISG™ S500 Mid-Range Hospital Thermal Printer

Flexible enough to function as a wristband printer or healthcare label printer, yet durable enough to handle higher print volumes, the S500 is our most popular thermal printer. It accepts large media rolls, is fast, durable and affordable, and can handle both thermal transfer and direct thermal printing.

ISG Seal of Approval Read more about it in the S500 Thermal Printer datasheet.

S600 printer

ISG™ S600+ High-Performance Thermal Printer

Bigger, more powerful, and full of features, the high performance S600+ hospital thermal printer is a great value for facilities that need to produce high volumes of labels and wristbands.

ISG Seal of Approval Check out the many features of this hospital printer in the S600+ Printer datasheet.

S700 printer

ISG™ S700 Industrial Thermal Printer

If you want the fastest and most durable thermal wristband and label printer in the Summit series, the S700 is for you. It accepts very large media rolls, is incredibly fast, and can print up to 600 DPI (optional) resolution inside its all-metal, industrial frame.

ISG Seal of Approval
Learn more about this top of the line healthcare printer in the S700 Thermal Printer datasheet.

ISG™ M8x Industrial Thermal Printer

Robust, rugged construction and high performance are the hallmarks of the M8x thermal printer. The M8x includes many exceptional features including larger media rolls, an LCD display, and solid metal construction.

M8x printer

ISG Seal of Approval Read about these and other features in the M8x Thermal Printer datasheet.

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