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The Security Benefits of EMV Smartcards

Re-posted with permission from Capture Technologies and edited.

For retailers and consumers alike, EMV smartcards hold a number of security benefits. Financial experts agree that concerns over credit and debit card security can be laid to rest with EMV smartcard implementation in the US. With security breaches on the rise, now is the time for banks to make the secure switch.

According to Computerworld, Visa’s chief risk officer Ellen Richey said that the risk for fraud can be significantly reduced by implementing the technology. The overall security concern lies within “chip-and-PIN” systems. The majority of countries that are currently using EMV payment smartcards are using “chip-and-PIN”.

However, banks in the US are doing something different, and they don’t think that security will be a problem. Visa and Mastercard have left it up to banks and retailers to decide if they really want to require a “chip-and-PIN”, or a “chip-and-signature”. Even Richey agreed that even without a PIN, cards are still secure, stating that chip technology on its own prevents fraud.

Even with the security of EMV smartcards, the ultimate solution to fraud is yet to be found. Richey admits that there are still looming threats for some transactions. While EMV smartcard technology definitely works for in store transactions, there are still fraud risks when cards are used online.

Regardless, EMV smartcards are a step in the right direction for the US. They will ultimately make payments more secure for the future.

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