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The Need for Biometric Visitor Management Systems for Schools

Re-posted with permission from M2SYS and edited.

Schools around the world continue to face both internal and external threats to the safety of students and staff. In the USA alone, there were 22 school shootings happened in just 20 weeks of 2018. It becomes a serious threat to the safety of our children at schools. Using traditional sign-in sheet isn’t enough it allows intruders to operate their crimes easily. To fight with this ongoing problem, a proper visitor management system could be an effective solution. It can prevent unwanted visitors from entering the school premise.

This infographic shows a definitive reason why you need biometric visitor management system for your school.

Why Biometric Visitor Management?

Infographic on biometric visitor management for schools

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The ISG has more than 90 locations across the US and Canada who are local experts in school safety and security. Talk with the ISG member nearest to your school district about your visitor management needs for the coming school year, and include the accuracy and validity of biometric tracking as part of that discussion.

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