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The Four-Letter Word in Cybersecurity

Re-posted with permission from Capture Technologies and edited.

It’s not yet as well-known as its four-letter cousins that start with the letter F or S, but cybersecurity experts around the globe have become all too aware of their own four-lettered foul word.


It’s difficult to find an individual, company, or government institution that hasn’t been effected, directly or indirectly, by a cybersecurity breach. Preventing and eradicating these dangerous and illegal hacks is not only a necessity, it has become a cornerstone in the foundation of any online exchange.

Many of the brightest minds see cybersecurity as the next frontier for business growth on the internet, including those at Datacard, who have joined with Entrust to become the industry-leaders in preventing these disabling attacks from reaching you or your business.

A recent Experian study reports that nearly half of all companies have sustained some sort of breach over the past year, a 38% increase in such incidents since 2014. The average cost of a data breach can be nearly $4 million, up nearly 25% in the past two years.

As the Internet of Things continues to grow exponentially, the need for cybersecurity grows in equal measure. With a mind-boggling 25 billion devices expected to be connected to the internet by 2020, there will be an immense amount of information being sent across the globe every millisecond, making all us much more vulnerable to a hack.

Printer security is becoming much more of an area of concern as companies realize how much information, both private and classified, is transmitted across wireless printer platforms. Financial card issuance, ID card systems, and credentialing programs are increasingly falling under attack by criminals desperate for usable personal information.

Entrust Datacard outlines a series of preparation and prevention measures should be taken by companies to ensure their systems are safe but also to have alarms in place to immediately inform them when a hack has been attempted. Read their whitepaper on Securing Your Printer Fleet.

Physical security and digital security are just two of the components of a comprehensive cybersecurity solution that all companies need. Maintaining up-to-date firmware is just as important when maximizing the security of your wireless printer network.

By installing or upgrading the latest firmware, you make it more difficult for hackers to gain access to your printer network, while ensuring optimal performance and efficiency. Prevention is the best way to avoid a cybersecurity breach and planning ahead will help you avoid dealing with those nasty four-letter words.

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