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The Benefit of Non-Proprietary Access Control

Re-posted with permission from Diamond Business Services and edited.

Electronic access control is often a major investment for an organization. The last thing you need is be locked into a situation where you have a proprietary solution when something goes wrong. This is especially true if you are left with a system that cannot be updated, expanded or even supported. To then face a major overhaul of your complete access control infrastructure and try to find the budget funds to do so.

Whether you’re looking to control access for only a few exterior doors or monitor access to all entrances and exits at your facility, there are many choices to make throughout the implementation process. If you have remote facilities or branches, or or need to control other openings like lockers, cabinets or server racks, the complexity of your decision only grows.

Ensuring Your Best Access Control Investment

When selecting an access control partner, be wary of proprietary systems. An access control system can be a very large investment and you want to make sure that it’s one that you will be happy with as your security needs evolve in the future. You should always require adaptable hardware and open architecture in any system you bring on board. By doing so this makes it possible for your partners to proactively meet dynamic system requirements and end-user demands.

We believe in the value of open architecture hardware platforms, which is why we partner with the industry leaders in electronic door access. Our access control software by BadgePass is designed to work with almost any access control hardware. It can most likely work with your existing physical access control system (PACS) or any new systems you might be considering.

It is interesting to note that many people refer to their access control cards as their “HID Card”. HID has long been an industry leader in prox and smart card technology, along with their line of access control readers and software. However, using HID cards can sometimes lock you in to a proprietary solution because of the various programs issued by HID to their access control partners. A possible alternative for non-proprietary cards, would be by using cards from Identiv. Identiv offers cards that can work with existing PACS solutions and replace most HID cards, typically at a lower cost and with the same quality and warranty.

Not All Providers Offer Open Architecture

The biggest benefit of investing in an open architecture system is that it gives you freedom of choice. When you purchase a non-proprietary platform, you are no longer tied to the product line of a single manufacturer or even the support from only one security company. Instead, you can choose from any access control software that supports open platform controllers. The key is to create security in the process and not just in the hardware. Having a local service and support partner is important as well, someone that understands your needs and is responsive to them.

Remember proprietary does not mean more secure, it means it is a one-off from the norm. It is unique in that it is only managed by a single security entity. If they fail to offer good support, or eventually go belly up, you might be in for a world of hurt. Is that how you want your security to be handled?

We believe that our BadgePass solution combines the best of all security factors: identity management, visitor and vendor monitoring, and most importantly, true access control, all in one solution. Built on an open architecture that allows seamless implementation with numerous panels and a variety of market-leading readers, both wired and wireless. It even integrates with video surveillance software to provide enhanced physical security, with such market leaders like LENSEC and Video Insight.

Not only is BadgePass non-proprietary, they take security to the next level and move your organization away from PROX technology. Proximity cards are easily cloned leaving your system vulnerable. Moving to MIFARE technology strengthens your security without hampering your budget. Still plan to have some prox applications? No problem. BadgePass can utilize multi-technology readers to allow you time to complete migration to more secure card technology.

Get Local Advice from the ISG

The Identification Systems Group (ISG) is proud to work with industry leaders and partners to provide true credential management including access control. Let your local ISG member show you how the BadgePass access control solution can make your security infrastructure more secure. We have over 35 years of secure identity management expertise, with more than 90 member locations across the US and Canada.

Connect with us to find your local ISG dealer, and begin the discussion about your access control needs and future goals. We are here to serve you.

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