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Inmate Identification

Inmate Identification

Color-Coded, Tamper-Resistant Inmate ID Solutions

Our Clincher and RFID inmate identification wristbands have highly visible colors that allow you to color-code and categorize inmates by offenses, risk status, medical conditions, and more. Constructed of multi-laminate material, these durable IDs can be fastened with metal or plastic fasteners and snaps.

Adding an inmate’s photo aids in visual verification and can be printed on labels and securely sealed within the wristband. You can also clearly display the inmate’s printed name and ID number on the same label, and include a variety of barcodes for quick scanning.

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Clincher Inmate ID Wristbands

Inmate ID Supply Bundles & Complete Systems

These heavy-duty, non-transferable wristbands remain on the inmates at all times including showers, sleep, exercise, and transportation to maximize security. The inmate’s data and image are secured inside the wristband during the lamination process. The barcode or RFID on a Clincher wristband can also be used in automated tracking systems for capturing person, time, date and location for a variety of interactions.

In addition to wristbands and labels, we also offer complete solutions including software, printers, cameras, laminators, scanners and more, for inmate identification and tracking.