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ISG PEAK Printers

ISG PEAK Printers

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The ISG offers our premium PEAK retransfer card printers for durable, long-lasting photo ID and membership cards. The PEAK series offers true over-the-edge printing, with robust colors, and through its reverse printing technology puts the dye-sublimation color under a layer of resilient clear polyester, which allows it to print on cards as thin as 10-mil up to 80-mil thick, and on a wider range of card materials such as PVC, ABS, PET and composite cards, without any risk of damage to embedded contact and contactless smart chips.

Take a look at our ISG brand PEAK printer solutions to see which solution might work best for your card issuance needs.

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ISG PEAK RTX1000 Retransfer Printer

ISG PEAK RTX1000LG Oversized Card Printer

ISG PEAK RTX6000 Retransfer Printer

ISG PEAK RTX6600 Retransfer Printer

ID Card Printers with Premium Security Features

For regular to oversized card types, for a variety of card materials and with resolutions up to 600 dpi, ISG PEAK retransfer ID card printers are the best option you will ever find, especially if you produce hundreds of cards per day or issue cards with embedded technologies like prox, MIFARE, contact chip or other contactless technologies. With a wide range of security features including UV fluorescent ink, micro text, inline lamination, and even an optional laser engraving unit (on some models), they offer the ultimate in secure ID card production.

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