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TotalCard™ Identification & Access

TotalCard™ Identification & Access

Integrated Campus Identification & Access Control

Apart from a driver’s license, no other credential is more widely used to validate your identity in the US than a student or employee ID card, and unless you work for a very large corporation, it is likely that no other identification document is more closely tied to your daily life than a student ID card. The ISG provides comprehensive integrated solutions for photo identification, access control, key management and visitor check-in through various modules of its TotalCard™ system.

Take a look at our TotalCard™ identification and access solutions below.

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TotalCard Campus Access Control

TotalCard Campus Photo ID

TotalCard Campus Visitor Check-In

TotalCard™ Solutions for Any Campus

TotalCard™ works not only for college and University campuses, but can work for other campuses as well, like healthcare, corporate and government.  Anywhere you need to integration identification and access, and link to visitor management, time and attendance, and other campus facilities, TotalCard™ from the ISG can do the job.

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