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Sphinx Logon Manager

Sphinx Logon Manager

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The Sphinx Logon Manager is a simple, affordable logical security software solution that provides strong, two-factor authentication for ID cards and tokens. With Sphinx Logon Manager, you can use your current physical access control cards and PINs to secure all of your enterprise and local system applications. While other logical access solutions are complicated and require a large investment of time and money, Sphinx Logon Manager is easy to use and creates the strong authentication you need at a price you can afford, while simultaneously reducing risks of data loss, system downtime, and IT help desk costs.

Sphinx Logon Manager bridges a critical security gap that many organizations have between their personal usernames and passwords and the access needed by employees and customers to essential information. By securely managing all of the login information, and requiring additional authentication, the software protects against unauthorized access, while still including a level of convenience common to most users. The solution also includes complete interoperability with other security technologies, including smart cards and biometrics.

For more information, view the Sphinx Logon Manager datasheet or click on the Get A Price button to contact your local ISG dealer.

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