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Safetrust SABRE DECALs & Covers

Safetrust SABRE DECALs & Covers

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The ISG offers Safetrust SABRE DECAL and Cover solutions with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology that attach to almost any building access reader and are powered using the reader’s own RFID field. The building access credential data is sent encrypted from a mobile device via BLE to the Safetrust device. Bluetooth then translates the data into a supported RFID format, allowing users to use digital credentials stored within their mobile device to open doors in addition to their existing physical access cards.

Safetrust SABRE DECAL and Cover solutions do not prevent existing physical access cards from communicating with the reader which means full migration to mobile credentials can be gradual. Therefore, you never have to replace your existing readers or cards in order to use mobile access right away.

How Saftrust SABRE DECALS work

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