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RightPatient Biometric Patient Management

RightPatient Biometric Patient Management


Accurate patient identification is critical to keeping health records accurate, up-to-date and complete, so RightPatient ensures high levels of data integrity to optimize health outcomes and reimbursements.

RightPatient transcends patient identification, and the cloud-based platform uses cognitive vision to understand more than who the patient is when they take their picture. This prevents medical record mix-ups and empowers clinicians to offer higher quality care.

RightPatient is the healthcare industry’s most versatile and scalable biometric patient identification and matching system, leveraging a powerful cloud-based intelligence engine to recognize patients by simply capturing their photo. This unique patient identification system allows healthcare providers to improve patient safety, revenue cycle, and data integrity by locking medical records with a photo and biometric signature. Interfaces already exist for various EHR systems, including Epic, Cerner®, McKesson, Meditech, CPSI and more.

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