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RightPatient AI

RightPatient AI


RightPatient AI identifies patients based on their facial biometrics, recognizes possible medical conditions, how treatments may be physically affecting them, and suggests changes. Using a “cognitive vision cloud engine”, the software links to our patient identification kiosks and registration areas, to correctly identify patients and retrieve their medical records, reducing the risk of fraud or human error.

RightPatient AI eliminates medical identity theft by authenticating patients from remote appointment scheduling through check-in, and beyond. The versatile platform prevents unauthorized access to medical records while improving revenue cycle, data quality, and patient safety.

RightPatient® AI also uses analytics to aggregate patient visit data and provide a concrete audit log of visits with patient photos for compliance and dispute resolution. It also safeguards patient medical records to prevent mixups by embedding copies of photos with the associated records and locking them with a biometric signature.

This fully HIPAA-compliant solution strengthens your facilities security, improves patient safety, and significantly reduces medical fraud and record errors. It can also be used to track sessions linked to patient portals and “telehealth” consultations as well as normal office visits.

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