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Proximity Cards

Proximity Cards

Proximity Cards, Fobs & More

Our simple, contactless, low-frequency (125 kHz)  proximity cards are compatible with most existing building systems.

We’ve got a proven, cost-effective solution for quick migration from magnetic stripe technology. You can even combine both on the same card to make the transition easier.

Our proximity cards, stickers, fobs and wristbands utilize RFID technology for reliable data exchange of physical access control system (PACS) data.

Our ISG proximity cards support HID Prox, Casi Rusco, Indala, and more. The credentials can be personalized (programmed and/or printed) or not. Plus, to simplify even further, we can program and print each product with your PACS format and employee information.

Our prox cards, wristbands and more can also be use directly with almost any reader you already have in place. From enterprise to government, our proximity credentials enable access for employees, temporary workers, students, volunteers and even visitors.

These generic credentials (available in credit card format, key fobs, wristbands, and round stickers) boast consistent read range and reliability, and offer universal compatibility with today’s most popular brands, making integration a simple process. 

You can get additional product information by downloading the datasheet below or get pricing from your local ISG dealer by clicking on the Get A Price button below.

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