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Next-Generation AutoTilt Iris Camera

Next-Generation AutoTilt Iris Camera


The Next Generation AutoTilt desktop iris recognition camera is a dual iris imaging system that provides unprecedented ease of use through highly innovative and intuitive users positioning. Users view their own faces in a front-facing 5.0-inch high-resolution color display in order to position themselves correctly against guide boxes shown real-time in the display. Users will intuitively and naturally move to the correct position by simply centering and sizing their face image within the display. In addition, a green box is placed around the user’s face to indicate proper positioning, after which the iris images are automatically collected.

In addition, the Next Generation AutoTilt desktop iris recognition camera features an extended capture range of 35 to 45 cm in the recognition mode, quickly capturing the highest quality iris images and offering a simple interface for all users, including those not acclimated with photo biometrics. An innovative, intuitive subject positioning face imaging sensor detects and displays the user’s face at up to 1.0 meter from the system on the high-resolution color display. The user is instructed to simply make their face fit the positioning “guide rails” and when the box around the face turns green, stop and wait until the image capture process is completed. Like a smart phone “selfie” image, this interface is very fast and highly intuitive, with typical capture times of less than 1.0 second.

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M2SYS Next-Gen Dual Iris Camera

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