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Multi-Technology Readers

Multi-Technology Readers

Multi-Technology Readers

The ISG’s multi-technology contactless smart and proximity card readers are the most flexible in the industry. Finally, one reader handles all applicable ISO standards (14443 and 15693) and reads both 125 kHz proximity ID cards and 13.56 MHz contactless smart cards. Our multi-technology readers are compatible with many other 125 kHz and 13.56 MHz technologies on the market today. Our dual-technology credentials contain both proximity card and contactless smart card technology in one unit.

We offer multi-technology reader solutions from our partners Identiv, BadgePass and others.

ISG multi-technology readers feature multiple layers of security based on a certified hardware security element and provides contactless communications for interoperability with most systems. The readers work with system changes and alterations, such as expansion, corporate mergers, or simply the desire to increase a facility’s security. From corporate campuses or universities to complex environments, ISG multi-technology card readers support entire ecosystems of users.

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BadgePass multi-technology readers

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