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Mobile ID is an integrated software solution that has the ability to capture personnel data, manage that information in a shared database and print secure IDs. Mobile ID is comprised of two basic components – Mobile ID Client & Mobile ID Server. Both elements provide certain functionality that support different user capabilities. Mobile ID Systems can be configured to best suit the needs of each organization.


  • Enroll personnel & volunteers anywhere
  • Integrate with other accountability systems
  • Manage certifications & training requirements
  • Instantly issue positive IDs anywhere
  • Associate assets with individuals
  • Works online or offline
  • Share personnel data with remote locations
  • Attach documents to personnel records
  • Optional mobile badging unit / command case

Mobile ID has the option to issue a QR barcode tied to a personnel validation web page, housed on the Mobile ID Server. This page displays variable informa-tion including personnel status (Active, Expired, Inactive, Temporary, or Archived), name, photo, skills, and certifications. ID cards that display a validation QR provide anyone with a basic QR barcode app reader and internet access to verify that person’s identity, abilities, and status.

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