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M2-TwoPrint Dual Fingerprint Scanner

M2-TwoPrint Dual Fingerprint Scanner


Well suited for deployments subject to poor skin integrity in harsh conditions, this dual fingerprint scanner has the capability to capture single, dual, and roll images. Characterized by its versatility to operate in a host of different environments, the M2-TwoPrint™ dual fingerprint scanner is a perfect scanner for both large and small deployments in high or low traffic areas. Plus, the dual fingerprint scanner’s affordability makes it an ideal solution for large or small scale fingerprint identification.

The M2-TwoPrint™ dual fingerprint scanner is a specialized two print fingerprint live scanner from M2SYS with a large scanning area and an advanced optical system that can capture high quality images in seconds. It’s thick, anti-scratch coating on the scanning surface endures long term heavy duty usage in any harsh environment and can easily handle dry, wet, blurred, and scarred fingers without any difficulty. The M2-TwoPrint™ dual fingerprint scanner is FBI certified to be compliant with PIV- 071006 image quality specifications for single finger readers and built to capture single finger, dual finger, and roll finger images.

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