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ISG PEAK RTX6000 Retransfer Printer

ISG PEAK RTX6000 Retransfer Printer

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The ISG™ Peak RTX6000 Printer is the high-end model of the proven Peak series of retransfer printers. The dominant feature of this version is the ultra high resolution of 600 dpi.

This extremely high resolution perfectly serves the increased security printing demands in ambitious ID Card applications, such as National ID programs, Drivers License Programs and similar, where static or variable micro text and image detail in UV is needed. Since most of these projects require personalization on both sides of the card, the RTX6000 comes with a factory built-in flipper module in the standard model.

The ultra high resolution of 600 dpi allows printing crisp, tiny characters, down to a character size of .75 pt. Electronic fine-line printing and other sophisticated graphical elements can be printed in exciting, nearly equal to pre-printing, quality.

The RTX6000 prints on a variety of card materials including long-lasting, durable non-PVC cards such as ABS, PET, and Polycarbonate. The lockable, spacious card hopper stores up to 220 blank cards to secure an interrupt-free workflow. The user-friendly front-loading system with replaceable cartridges makes changing supplies fast and simple.

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ISG PEAK RTX6000 with laminator

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